Three Go-To Sources For Finding Delicious Recipes

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If you’re an avid home cook, your go-to sources for the perfect recipe are likely to include Epicurious, Yummly, and All Recipes. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, but they all offer a wealth of information. We’ll talk about some of our favorite resources below. Which one of these sites do you turn to first? Let us know in the comments. We love to share our favorite recipes!


If you’re a recipe fan, you’ve probably heard of Yummly. The popular recipe website aggregates recipes from cooking websites and creates a landing page for each one. You can search for recipes by cuisine, holiday, nutrition, and cooking time, and Yummly’s collection feature allows you to save as many as you want. And if you don’t have the time to make them all, you can even organize your recipes into collections.

Yummly also offers subscribers exclusive step-by-step recipes, timers, and video tutorials. The site is suitable for both novice and advanced cooks, and it learns your preferences over time and dietary restrictions. Users can also filter their search using filters. It is important to note, however, that the website is only available in certain parts of the U.S. at this time.

One major drawback of Yummly is that some recipes do not come with directions. You have to tap the «Get Directions» button to get the recipe. And to make matters worse, you can’t edit the recipe right in Yummly without having to reload the page. This is unnecessarily clunky in the recipe preparation process. In addition to that, you can’t change the measurement system without visiting the settings page. Metric units are more accurate, which is great for cooking and baking.

Besides the recipe database, Yummly also provides a virtual pantry and shopping list for each recipe, ensuring that you never run out of ingredients. In addition to this, users can share recipes and create meal plans with their friends to make sure that everyone in the family has the right ingredients for cooking. Aside from these features, Yummly also features a number of other useful features.

Besides being free, Yummly also has an app for smartphones. It allows you to search for and save recipes from food blogs and websites, and you can also upload your own recipes. Yummly also features a website, an email, and a bookmarklet for easy access to the database. Yummly also has integrations with Instacart and Apple Health App. Yummly is your go-to source for the perfect recipe!

Yummly also has a video channel that’s free to use for all users. The app includes videos called Seconds, which are longform versions of recipes. Unlike step-by-step video guides, these are presented in modern cooking show format. Epicurious and Food Network have popularized this format. The selection of videos on Yummly is impressive, and the app is free.

In addition to Yummly’s recipe platform, Whirlpool Corporation has introduced the Yummly Smart Thermometer, which uses dual temperature sensors to monitor cooking remotely. The system will send notifications when the food is cooked to a precise temperature. Yummly’s Smart Thermometer also tracks internal temperatures of meat. Combined with Yummly’s cooking platform, this device makes life easier for any foodie.


If you love cooking, Epicurious is your go-to source. Its recipes have full-color photos, ratings, and user comments. It also has a cooking timer. In addition to a huge library of recipes, Epicurious has an app for your Apple Watch. The app is easy to use and lets you set the timer and view recent recipes that you might have missed.

The app helps you create shopping lists for recipes with easy-to-find ingredients and a simple interface. The app suggests the right ingredients at the top of the list and separates them by type. Once you’ve found a recipe you want, you can save it to your recipe box and easily access it whenever you want to cook it. You can save your favorite recipes from both the app and website. You can also use voice controls to navigate the app.

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Three Go-To Sources For Finding Delicious Recipes image 1

You can subscribe to the service at the website, but you should be aware that the service is not free. The service offers a free introductory period, and then requires you to pay an annual fee. The monthly rate is $4.99 USD per month. However, if you don’t feel comfortable paying the annual fee, you can opt for the monthly option. Justuseapp allows you to report bugs, but the website may not respond to your complaint.

The app’s menu is easy to navigate and is organized. It also lets you filter your search by dish type, dietary concerns, cooking technique, and more. You can also sort by most-rated recipes and percent of repeat users. It even comes with a timer and local seasonal ingredients list. In addition to thousands of recipes, Epicurious also offers a mobile version of its website.

Recently, Epicurious announced that it would be eliminating beef recipes from its site. The company claims that the move is a first step towards sustainability, but it should be noted that Epicurious is not banning all animal products. The company cited Oxford University studies that found that vegetarian and vegan diets reduced the impact on the environment by 15 percent. Although Epicurious is phasing out beef, the company is still recommending that readers switch to vegan or vegetarian recipes if they like them.

Another great source of recipes is Yummly. With more than two million recipes, Yummly’s site is easy to navigate. Recipes are featured in video format for the ultimate convenience and can be shared and saved. The site also offers meal plans, allowing you to create a shopping list and keep track of what you’re cooking. The newsletter also gives you an idea of what you need to buy in the grocery store to make the recipe.

All Recipes

With over 1 million active monthly users, Allrecipes is your go-to source for finding delicious recipes. The website has developed a strong presence in the food market, attracting food manufacturers and food retailers to sponsor the site. In its early years, Allrecipes did not have the resources to market on social media sites, but recipes are an age-old tradition. The company made recipe sharing easy by incorporating a social networking component into the site. Users were able to easily share recipes on the site by emailing links to each other. For advertisers, Allrecipes charged grocery stores and food manufacturers to place their ads on the site.

To promote their own food brands, Allrecipes expanded its services and partnered with Amazon to sell and deliver recipe ingredients to customers’ doorsteps. They made this possible by offering a button on the recipe page that said «Buy recipe now» and brought you to your grocery store. This helped advertisers target their campaigns to local audiences, making Allrecipes more attractive to advertisers. Its high conversion rates also help the site attract more advertisers from the food space.

Allrecipes’ success comes from its ability to create a closely-knit community of users and advertisers. The company began with a simple meal planning tool, and then expanded into a magazine. Meredith’s platform enables advertisers to use first-party data, demographics, and product skus to create a highly-targeted campaign. These efforts have helped Allrecipes achieve the level of success it is today.

As part of its continued growth, Allrecipes launched an iPhone application called Dinner Spinner. With this app, users could search popular recipes or discover new dinner ideas. It was launched just a few months after the Apple App Store launched, and it has since been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android. Its success is evident in its speedy adoption of new technologies, which has helped it remain ahead of the trends. Allrecipes also expanded to other popular platforms, including the Android platform. In fact, it is now one of the most popular recipe sites on Android.

Users can search for recipes by category or by ingredients. The app allows users to search for recipes by ingredients, cooking technique, and dietary concerns. The search results can be sorted by highest-rated recipes and percentage of repeat users. Users can also create a profile on Allrecipes to share their personal recipes. The search engine also lets users save favorite recipes and share their creations with friends.

If you want to make a special meal, Allrecipes is your go-to source for finding delicious recipes. Its database is home to over 60,000 recipes and features customizable features for Alexa, the Amazon Echo Show, and more. The app also lets users add custom recipes to Allrecipes and recommend meals based on ingredients. Users can even sign in with their Facebook or Google accounts, and upload their own recipes.

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Three Go-To Sources For Finding Delicious Recipes image 2

Recipes are not just found on a recipe site, but also on other online websites that allow you to browse them for inspiration. Some of these sites are superCook, Google, Epicurious, Foodieview, and Yahoo!. But which is best for you? Read on to learn which one to use for your cooking needs. And don’t forget to bookmark these sites, so you can come back to them again.


If you want to cook something special, but are unsure of what you will cook, SuperCook is a great option. You can use the mobile app to enter ingredients and it will suggest recipes based on those ingredients. You can also narrow your search by meal type or star ingredient. There are also categories for vegetables, meats, and desserts. You can save your favorite recipes for later. The best part of using SuperCook is that you can filter by type, dietary needs, and cooking time.

When using this search engine, you can start with a specific ingredient or dish. To do this, type in the dish’s name in the search box on the right side of the screen. Then, click on the ‘cook it’ button to see a list of results. If the recipe is not listed, you can add additional ingredients and click on the ‘cook it’ button. Alternatively, you can search for specific recipes with one ingredient.

Another great search engine for recipes is Yummly. The user interface is beautiful, and the recipes displayed in tiles are often accompanied by a picture. It also has an option for rating each recipe. If you’re unsure which recipe to try, you can use the ‘rating’ button to see how many people have rated it. Besides Yummly, you can also use SuperCook as a general search engine for recipes.


There are several reasons why Google is the best search engine for finding recipes. First, search engines love data. Rich snippets hold information such as cooking time, yield, and nutrition information. If a recipe lacks this information, it will get ignored in favor of one with a high star rating. Second, Google prioritizes sites with lots of content and SEO. And third, sites with lots of extra information, like ratings, cooking time, and photos, will get better search results.

Third, you can also use a recipe search engine. Google’s Cookin’ With Google allows you to search popular recipe-related sites. In order to use it, you can type two words or an ingredient into the search box and then press Enter. Depending on what you’re looking for, the results may appear as a «list of recipes». You can even fine-tune your search by choosing vegan or vegetarian recipes.

Lastly, Typesense’s recipe search is blazing fast. It finds your desired recipe by finding keywords in the name or title. And you can refine your search by adding several keywords. Once you’ve narrowed down the search, you can filter results by ingredients, cooking time, and number of results. If you’re looking for a particular type of recipe, it’s definitely worth a try.


The Epicurious home page is designed to initiate the recipe search process. With a background image of the ingredients being prepared for a dish, the home page creates a sense of impending creation. Users will then be prompted to choose one of the five recommended recipes from the list. This personalized experience will allow users to create their own custom search experience. In addition, users will be able to save their favorites in a personal library to be able to return to them again.

The Epicurious search engine works by aggregating articles on food. The search engine will also allow you to refine your search by selecting «Show» filters. For example, if you’re looking for vegetarian recipes, you can use the «vegetarian» filter. Otherwise, you can narrow your search by selecting «vegetarian» or «gluten-free» to find only the recipes that contain those ingredients.

When it comes to search functionality, Epicurious stands out from the rest of the recipe search engines. Its intuitive design makes it easy to find recipes based on the dietary requirements and food styles of your family. You can even print shopping lists for the recipes you want to prepare. You can also fold multiple recipes into a single shopping list if you wish. Similarly, Epicurious is available as an Android and iOS app for your mobile devices.

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Three Go-To Sources For Finding Delicious Recipes image 3


There are many ways to search for recipes. Epicurious is a great option for finding a new recipe, as is ProjectFoodie. FoodBlogSearch searches over 1800 food blogs. ProjectFoodie is similar, but searches cooking magazines and takes you to the recipe publisher’s website. Foodieview searches many sources to find the perfect recipe for you. Once you’ve found a recipe that you love, you can save it to a personal menu for easy reference.

Another option is using a custom search engine built for recipes. Recipes are filtered by ingredients, country of origin, special diet, and famous chefs. Users can also add multiple keywords for more specific searching. The search results are also sorted by cost per serving, which is convenient when it comes to shopping. Foodieview even provides ratings and a recipe box for the recipes. This is an excellent resource for finding a recipe, and we have a new favourite.

The FoodieView interface makes the recipe search process a breeze. A simple search for «chicken recipes» returns thousands of results. A link to Italian recipes, for example, will help you narrow down the search. Foodieview also has a ratings system that ranks recipes by their quality and popularity. You can also browse by price, taste preference, and more. You can even save and share recipes with family and friends.

Cookin With Google

If you want to find the best recipe for a certain food, Google’s custom search engine may be the answer. Cookin With Google lets you type in the ingredients you need and it returns a list of recipes. Judy Hourihan came up with the idea for this search engine, which is available for both Mac and Windows. It lets you refine your search by category, search for plural forms, and even filter by food-related sites.

The live demo for Cookin With Google is a bit weird. But it looks like the new feature will work as advertised. You can search for cooking recipes with the help of Cookin With Google, which searches popular recipe-related sites for matching recipes with the ingredients you have in your refrigerator. However, you shouldn’t use the general command «Hey Google, next.» Instead, use the phrase «Next song» or «Next step» to search for the ingredients you need. Otherwise, you can continue to use most of the features of the Google Assistant.

Leftover Wizard

You don’t need to spend hours looking for a recipe for that jarred, stale, and bland leftover. Recipe search engines will help you find multiple variations of the same dish in seconds. This way, you can use your leftovers to make a completely different meal. And if you’re ever stuck for ideas, recipe search engines will also let you find hundreds of other recipes for the same dish.

Cookin’ With Google — this customized version of Google will let you search for recipes by ingredient and diet type. You can select a specific recipe type to narrow down your search. You can also specify whether you want vegan, vegetarian, or Weight Watchers recipes. This is an especially helpful feature for people who prefer to cook healthy and stick to a budget. However, it can be frustrating to scroll through dozens of recipes, especially when there are so many choices.

Bing — It’s true that Google’s search engine dominates the cooking world, but it’s still the most effective search engine for leftover recipes. For example, Bing’s search algorithm looks at more than 1,000 factors when ranking recipes. The average amount of time a user spends on a recipe page is also a factor, as are the number of links that link to the recipe. This data is essential to the success of search engines and helps them place their recipes at the top of the pile of results.


Whether you’re in the mood for a new recipe or looking for a classic favorite, Typesense’s recipe search is easy to use and fast. You can use keywords in the name or main title of a recipe to find recipes that contain those words. Once you’ve located recipes you’re looking for, you can refine your search by adding several keywords or ingredients to narrow down the results. You can also see how many results are returned when you’re looking for a recipe.

When searching for recipes, Typesense understands your request and returns only those records that match the request. You can create API keys to search a database, and generate a distributed cluster. Typesense is easy to update and has no runtime dependencies. Its simple API and clean semantics make it a breeze to develop apps or websites using Typesense. The Typesense website provides a free trial so you can try it out first.

Typesense’s cloud service is an easy way to set up a cluster of Typesense in multiple regions. When you use Typesense cloud, you’re given a unique SDN endpoint and all your Typesense queries are routed to the closest node. In addition, you can also run Typesense locally or in the cloud, which is a managed service. For a basic setup, you’ll need an API key and hostnames.

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Three Go-To Sources For Finding Delicious Recipes
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